Baie dankie
Now why would I want to buy a donkey?
Die raaisel van Afrikaanse raaisels
het my getref tussen die oë!

My first invitation was to a braai
to watch the Blou Bulle play rugby
I was supposed to bring
my “kostjim en klippies”
I had no idea I was going to a BBQ
to watch football without pads
and was supposed to bring
my swimsuit and brandy!

My first driving experience on
the wrong side of the road
began with stopping at a robot
next to a hijacking hot spot sign
Were they warning me or telling
the criminals where to stand?

I never knew until I moved that “nou-nou”
can be from a minute to a month
I never knew there were people
named Precious & Gift.
I never knew that prisoner’s
could go on strike
I never knew someone like Vernon could be famous
And I never knew I could do my shopping
on the way to the mall.

Now that I know these things:
gooi, ek, moeg, kannie, lekker and  fok
have become part of my vocabulary
I have grown to love this country and its people.
I have found a home in South Africa.